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International Entrepreneur? Forum Advocaten Is Your English-Speaking Lawyer in Belgium

International entrepreneurship requires a multidisciplinary approach. It involves a different use of language and a specific local legislation, often incomprehensible and complex. For a foreign company wishing to expand its activities in Belgium (and vice versa) it is often very difficult to get a clear picture of the requirements to start or continue business activities. An English-speaking lawyer in Belgium may be able to assist you in this matter.

Forum Advocaten provides customer service in your native language (German, English, French, Dutch, Spanish or Portuguese) whilst communication with the various authorities and counterparties on Belgian territory is in one of the 3 national languages.

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Are you active on Belgian territory and looking for legal and pragmatic assistance from an English-speaking lawyer to ensure entrepreneurship without anxiety? Approach Forum Advocaten. We can relieve you of your worries so that your business can develop to its full potential.

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Meet Our Polyglot Jana Kern: Multilingual Lawyer in Belgium.

Jana Kern is German, but in addition to German (her mother tongue), she fluently speaks five other languages. She has lived in various countries and continents throughout her childhood, which is why she discovered her talent for languages at an early age.

She learned the different languages when actually living in the countries in question. As a result, she not only speaks and understands the language of the client but also fully comprehends its underlying culture, which is important to thoroughly understand the needs of the client. As an English-speaking person in Belgium she is therefore your ideal sparring partner.

As a lawyer, Jana is passionate about assisting her clients in Belgium in their own language with her expertise in labour law and social security legislation and her coordinating role of project manager for governments and international companies that need assistance in various areas of practice both in Belgium and abroad. As a contact person she manages the lawyers in the office who are active in the expertise concerned and the correspondents in her network in Belgium and abroad according to the client’s needs. Her service combines perfectionism and simplicity to ensure that clients across borders quickly understand the essence of what is needed for international business activities.

Forum Advocaten is ready to assist its international clientele. Rely on our English-speaking lawyer to assist you with your business activities in Belgium.

International labour law

Forum Advocaten offers:

  • Assistance with recruitment and dismissal of personnel;
  • Advice on international employment: working in different countries and posting of employees;
  • Labour law related advice at individual or collective level;
  • Assistance in negotiations with workers and unions;
  • Support in the event of restructuring.

International Project Management

Forum Advocaten offers advice on:

  • the start-up and continuation of your business;
  • optimization in case of international employment and posting;
  • transfer of companies, international and national;
  • setting up a branch office, partnership ...;
  • corporate restructuring;
  • the development of a building project on Belgian territory.

International corporate services

Rely on Forum Advocaten for:

  • advice on acquisition of companies;
  • drawing up (acquisition) agreements;
  • drawing up and reviewing shareholder agreements, building (sub-)contract agreements, distribution agreements, cooperation agreements etc.;
  • assistance in shareholders’ disputes;
  • support in arbitration procedures;
  • assistance with restructuring.

International Environmental and Construction Law Services

Forum Advocaten takes care of:

  • contacts with Belgian authorities;
  • advice and assistance in environmental law, administrative law, urban development and spatial planning, expropriation law;
  • assistance with construction disputes;
  • assistance with (commercial) rental disputes across borders;
  • assistance with your administrative matters when starting construction projects on Belgian territory.

About Us

Forum Advocaten has been your legal and strategic partner with special expertise in construction and real estate law, labour law, corporate law and administrative law since 2012.

We mainly act for companies and governments. You are our first priority. You are more than just a client with a file number. We would like to be your English-speaking lawyer in Belgium, so that you are assisted in your own language and can carry out your business activities with confidence.

We not only look at the legal interests but also at the personal and economic interests of your company.

We are committed to establishing a lasting personal relationship based on trust, so that we know what is really important to you. For most of our clients we have been a stable partner for years. They appreciate us for our fast and pragmatic approach and personal service.

No matter how large or small your company is, to us you are anything but a file number. We are here for you with our own relationship-based law practice.

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